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mightymandel v16

mightymandel now has a home page, where you can find documentation, downloads, links, and an image gallery. Highlights from the changes since v15 include:

sliced rendering
Splits iterate computations into smaller batches, allowing larger images to be rendered in the same amount of video memory (each pixel needs 12-16 bytes, but each iterate needs 128-160 bytes).
progressive rendering
When sliced rendering is enabled, the slices are ordered in such a way that a lofi pixelated image appears first, which gradually refines into the final hifi image.
improved glitch correction
Finding reference points now uses a two-pass blob extraction algorithm, first glitched blobs are extracted, then the most-glitched sub-blobs are extracted. Small blobs are ignored (default 1 pixel) for faster completion (can be disabled for previous behaviour).
improved no-de colouring
Now closer to the algorithm described in my blog post faking distance estimate colouring which should make it smoother.
zoom motion blur
The zoom assembler adds motion blur to reduce unpleasant strobing for fast zooms at standard frame rates. The shutter speed is variable, so you can adjust the amount of blurring to suit your tastes.
No longer do you need git to get mightymandel, there are source code tarballs and Windows binaries (cross-compiled from Linux).

A final note, my future blog posts about mightymandel will have fewer tags, you can subscribe to the mightymandel tag feed to stay updated.