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MarkIII Demos

MarkIII Demos

Some work in progress demos of an audio-visual performance under development. MarkIII is named after the 3rd-order Markov chains it uses to generate sequences of sounds.

Demo 1 is the first proof of concept - sequences of harmonics of a simple tone.

Demo 2 extendes this to sequences of rhythms as well as harmonics of more complex tones.

Demo 3 returns to simple harmonics, but adds visualisation of the Markov Chains in 3D Euclidean space.

Demo 4 is a live recording of the same setup, filmed with a digital camera.

Demo 5 adds more complex organ-based sound, while also changing the visualisation to follow one point in rotations of a 3-sphere in 4D space.

Demo 6 follows two points in a minor scale in this 3-sphere.

Demo 7 improves the rotation algorithm but still suffers from gimbal lock.

Demo 8 adds additional voices and further rotation and colour tweaks.

Demo 9 has a completely new and improved rotation algorithm, however it still rotates the "long way" sometimes and some numerical instability at times.

MarkIII Demos were made with Pure-data using the PdLua, Gem and Zexy libraries.

The source code is available under GNU GPL3+ license, but is still changing rapidly and is unfinished and undocumented:

svn co


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More download options available at the MarkIII Demos Internet Archive page.