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pdlua-0.4 released

Pd (aka Pure-data) is a real-time visual programming environment primarily used for multimedia processing. Lua is a powerful, fast, light-weight, embeddable scripting language. pdlua is a Lua embedding for Pd.

This is primarily a bug fix release, but also has some incompatible API changes (which should hopefully resolve some Pd vs Lua name clash issues in the long term).

pdlua-0.4 (2008-03-26), changes since pdlua-0.3 (2007-12-02):

  • API change: "load $1"--[lua] users must add the file name extension
  • Bug fix: "load $1"--[lua] works as advertised
  • API change: users must name files "*.pd_lua" instead of "*.lua"
  • API change: users must name files "*.pd_luax" instead of "*.luax"
  • Bug fix: help patches should be found correctly
  • Examples++: [lurn], [luametro], [lpipe]
  • Internal: Doxygenated source comments
  • Internal: fewer leading underscores
  • Internal: renamed all examples for API change and tested them

Thanks to Frank Barknecht for the additional examples.

Get it via SVN:

svn co

Development version (may be broken at times):

svn co