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GraphGrow realtime preview

GraphGrow realtime preview

You might remember my project GraphGrow which started as a SVG plus ECMAScript system for designing Graph-Directed Iterated Function Systems, then developed into a comand-line video renderer written in C for higher performance.

The project has been dormant for some months, but today I resumed work on a new facet : a realtime preview system using Pd, Gem and Lua. It's currently rather rough/hardcoded - you have to make a new patch for each structure, and there is currently a key piece in the puzzle missing (conversion from [gemlist_info] to a format that the [graphgrow] scene exporter understands).

On the plus side, the realtime rendering (implemented with OpenGL texture feedback) makes it really quick to try out different ways of animating the fractals, and once the exporter is working it should be possible to record animations and later render high quality videos with graphgrow-engine.

Patches are in my SVN under "2008/gg/", if you're curious.

UPDATE : I got the Gem->GraphGrow bridge working, apart from a tiny issue (GraphGrow output is upside down compared to Gem output) that should be easy to fix.