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My generative techno patch Dynamo is being exhibited at Galerije VN, Zagreb, Croatia, 12 November to 7 December 2019, as part of the group show free_art_-_source/2019 organized by Format C. Opening hours Mon-Fri 8-20:00, Sat 8-14:00.

On Saturday 23rd November, also in Zagreb, I'll be leading a free workshop on live-coding audio in the C programming language using Clive. Note that clive does not work on Windows or Mac.

clive is a C audio live-coding skeleton. It allows you to hot-swap DSP processing callbacks, providing not much more than automatic C code recompilation, object code reloading, and state preservation.

The workshop will work on dependencies installation, basics of sysadmining and git, CLI, define DSP and examples similar to clive, sound synthesis and feedback, shaping sounds and a live performance preparation.

The workshop is conducted in English language.

To participate, you need to bring your own (GNU/Linux OS) laptop, and (optional) headphones.

Applications (open until Nov 20th 23:59CET): hello at

A bit nervous, but have been preparing intensively so it should be fine.