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Algorave Elephant



Algorave Elephant

19:30 - 01:00, 20th June 2019

Corsica Studios, Elephant + Castle, London

Book online (£10-£15): Resident Advisor // Party For The People

The Algorave scene was born in London back in 2012, since spreading to around 90 cities worldwide, and has been billed as "the future of electronic music" in wired magazine articles on a regular basis. Now enough producers are exploring algorithmic methods that we briefly declare ALGORAVE IS THE PRESENT OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC before becoming a footnote in history.

This one will be a corker though, two rooms full of algorithmic bangers in Elephant and Castle's lovely Corsica Studios. The two rooms will allow parallel exploration of algorithmic flavours of bassline, 4/4 techno, drill 'n bass and vocal pop.

Featuring: Lil Data (PC Music) // Heavy lifting (Pickled Discs) x Graham Dunning (Fractal Meat) // Miri Kat (Establishment) // Deerful // Linux Lewis (Off Me Nut Records) // Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion (Hmurd x peb) // Class Compliant Audio Interfaces x Hellocatfood (Computer Club/Keysound) // Digital Selves // Mathr // xname // Luuma // BITPRINT // Deep Vain // Hortense // Tsun Winston Yeung // +777000 // Coral Manton // Rumblesan

Should be good!