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Transnodal TOPLAP livecode stream

TOPLAP is an organisation promoting live coding for artistic purposes, born in February some years ago:

A long weekend of live coding performances + talks + more, for TOPLAP's birthday. Live coding is where people write code while it runs to make live music/visuals/dance/art/etc.

The "transnodal" part comes from the local TOPLAP nodes spread around the globe. I'll be a part of the London + Birmingham node's slot, from noon til 5pm (GMT) this Sunday, livecoding audio in C with clive. Full details in multiple languages and a link to the stream at:

It's a marathon event, starts early Friday evening (GMT) and continues until early Monday morning (GMT) (19th - 22nd February 2021). Hopefully there will be an archive to check later the ones I won't be able to watch live.