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zoomasm 3.0 released

Zoom videos are a genre of 2D fractal animation. The rendering of the final video can be accelerated by computing exponentially spaced rings around the zoom center, before reprojecting to a sequence of flat images.

Some fractal software supports rendering EXR keyframes in exponential map form, which zoomasm can assemble into a zoom video. zoomasm works from EXR, including raw iteration data, and colouring algorithms can be written in OpenGL shader source code fragments.

New in zoomasm-3.0 is support for loading KFR/KFP files containing OpenGL GLSL colouring algorithms direct from kf-2.15.2 or later.

zoomasm 3.0 (2021-04-02)
  • API: backwards incompatible change: GLSL shaders now need to define vec3 colour(void) and call getX() functions instead of having everything as arguments. See the manual for API documentation.
  • New: support for KFR/KFP palettes with OpenGL GLSL shaders from Kalle’s Frakaler 2 + version 2.15.2 or later. Some features are missing:
    • Iterations, IterationsMin, IterationsMax;
    • Jitter compensation for numerical differences-based DE;
    • Texture images.
  • Win: change binary names to x86_64 and i686: maybe aarch64 or armv7 will be possible later using llvm-mingw.
  • Win: put presets/ in a subfolder of the distribution
  • Win: update openexr to 2.5.5
  • Win: update glew to 2.2.0
  • Win: update glfw to 3.3.3
  • Win: update imgui, ìmgui-filebrowser, miniaudio, and tomlplusplus to latest versions.

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