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LAC Sound Night

I'll be playing live with clive (live-coding audio in C) this Saturday in Berlin, at the Linux Audio Conference Linux Sound Night at Native Space:

We are very grateful for the opportunity to use Native Instruments' Native Space for our Linux Sound Night on Saturday 2018-06-09 (Day 3). The company's social space is used by employees and sometimes external meetups alike. It's located not far from c-base, at Schlesische Straße 30, 10997 Berlin.

Note: As the space is located in the backyard of an office area, we are required to take care of a gate to that area (right at Schlesische Straße 30). This means, that visitors of the Linux Sound Night will be let in and out of the area on a ten minute schedule only. Please make sure to be on time for the concerts!


21:00 - 21:15 Henrik von Coler, David Runge The Electronic Orchestra Berlin: The Metaphysics of Notation

21:25 - 21:35 Krzysztof Gawlas Pick It Up

21:40 - 21:52 Alex Hofmann COSMO

22:30 - 22:45 José Rafael Subía Valdez Tessellations

22:47 - 23:17 Claude Heiland-Allen mathr performs with Clive

I'll also give a lightning talk (5mins) about clive in the afternoon at c-base, located in the 2nd backyard of Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin.

UPDATE the video of my performance has been uploaded by the LAC team.