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mightymandel v14

Two stable releases of mightymandel since the last post, here are the changes from v12 to v13:

v13             mightymandel v13 stable release
    Reduced dependencies:
      * glm replaced by simple maths
      * glib regex replaced by new parsers
    New parsers:
      * new support for ppm as output by mightymandel
      * new support for mdz xmin/xmax/ymax variant
      * all supported formats render the right size
        (assuming window aspect ratio is correct)
    New weight control for -no-de:
      * can make lines lighter or darker if desired
      * corresponding feature for DE coming soon
    Improved series approximation:
      * for deep zooms it is initialized on CPU to
        avoid overflow on GPU
      * warning if image is likely to fail due to
        insufficient precision
      * zoom assembler updated, now can pipe direct
      * new script to convert ppm to png preserving
        mightymandel metadata with location information
      * new script to make assembling tiled images easy

And from v13 to v14 (current stable):

v14             mightymandel v14 stable release
    Build system improvements:
      * ported from C++11 to C99
      * new Makefile flags XTRA_COMPILE_FLAGS and EXTRA_LINK_FLAGS
        which may be useful for compiling on interesting environments
        without patching the Makefile itself
    Rendering improvements:
      * -weight now works with DE
      * -no-de weight changed to match DE appearance
      * glitched interiors no longer stay glitched
      * interiors coloured yellow instead of white
    User interface improvements:
      * fixed buggy mouse button handling
      * inverted weight key control order
      * -version flag prints version and exits
    Documentation improvements:
      * fixed git instructions in documentation
      * documented PageUp/PageDown zoom key controls
      * added hardware comparison benchmarks

Source code at mightymandel on gitorious mightmandel on