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Haystack Situations podcast

today's dose

Previously I made a trailer for Haystack Situations, but never got around to sorting out a way to make prints available. At the end of last year I set it up to generate a new image every day in the form of a podcast, but (sur)real life intervened and I didn't get around to publicising it until now.

Clicky the piccy for the Haystack Situations homepage with thumbnails of them all, the latest week's worth at the top are available as PDF, and there's a PDF podcast RSS feed (icon at the top right) should you get addicted to hunting needles on a daily basis.

You can get the source here: 2014-03-01_haystack_situations.tgz, but beware the not-so-clean and even less documented code - I can try to help if you have trouble compiling and running (just ask), it needs these Debian packages (and possibly others):

aptitude install build-essential libgsl0-dev libcairo-dev lmodern