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buildtorrent-0.3 released

I released a new version of buildtorrent, a replacement for createtorrent without the bugs that made it unusable. It is feature-complete with respect to the BitTorrent metainfo specfication.

Usage: buildtorrent [OPTIONS] -a announceurl input output

--announce      -a  <announce>   : announce url (required)
--announcelist  -A  <announces>  : announce url list
--piecelength   -l  <length>     : piece length in bytes, default 262144
--comment       -c  <comment>    : user comment, omitted by default
--private       -p  <private>    : private flag, either 0 or 1
--nodate        -D               : omit 'creation date' field
--nocreator     -C               : omit 'created by' field
--md5sum        -m               : add an 'md5sum' field for each file
--show          -s               : show generated torrent structure
--showall       -S               : show pieces too (implies '-s')
--quiet         -q               : quiet operation
--version       -V               : show version of buildtorrent
--help          -h               : show this help screen

Changes in this version:

  • Single-file mode.
  • Support for optional fields:
    • created by
    • creation date
    • comment
    • private
    • md5sum
    • announce-list
  • Pretty-printing of generated torrent file (mainly useful for debugging).
  • Quiet operation if requested.
  • Better error messages.

Still to do:

  • Large-file support (above 4GB currently won't work, above 2GB untested).