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buildtorrent needs a new maintainer

I started buildtorrent over four years ago, because I found the existing command line .torrent file creation programs at that time somewhat lacking. Since then it's grown slowly, but in the last year other projects have been higher priority and I've personally had less need for .torrent file creation. Some feature requests have been made, some that I thought would overcomplicate buildtorrent violating the "use lots of small tools that each do one thing well" philosophy (features like sorting and filtering a directory tree with various functions), and others that I had no personal need for and thus little motivation to devote time on implementing (features such as trackerless torrent support).

So, I come to the conclusion that I'm no longer the best person to take buildtorrent forward into the future. I know it can be daunting when confronted with a foreign code base to try to make sense of how it all fits together and where the most efficient place to add something might be, and I know that buildtorrent's internal code documentation is probably somewhat lacking, but if someone out there is serious about taking over the project I'd be more than happy to help in the transition in any way that I can, perhaps by belatedly documenting the code or by answering queries about the general structure and approach I took, and what consequences that will have for future modifications.

The current source code repository is buildtorrent on Gitorious, if you want to take on the maintainership for the long term, please take a look at the source code, and if you think it's something you could work with and enhance to add the features requested so far, and more that might be requested in the future, or features that you wish to add yourself, please get in touch, mail to claude at goto10 dot org. Thanks!