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ruff-0.3 and gruff-0.3 released

ruff-0.3 and gruff-0.3 released

ruff (relatively useful fractal functions) is a library for exploring fractals (currently concentrating on the Mandelbrot Set).

gruff (GUI for ruff) is a program for exploring the Mandelbrot Set using the facilities of ruff. Version 0.3 introduces a gruff library, for programmatic generation of image specifications that can then be fed into gruff for batch rendering of diagrams with labels and rays, or non-standard animations, or series of images.

Of course traditional zooming animations are possible too.

gruff-examples is a package with some example programs that use the gruff library, including a converter from old-format .gruff files to the current format understood by gruff-0.3.

To get it all:

cabal update && cabal install gruff-examples

(add -fmpfr if you have a GHC with integer-simple)

ruff on hackage (including API documentation)

gruff on hackage (including usage information)

gruff-examples on hackage

ruff-0.3.tar.gz (source code tarball)

gruff-0.3.1.tar.gz (source code tarball)

gruff-examples-0.3.1.tar.gz (source code tarball)

ruff, gruff, and gruff-examples on gitorious (development repositories)

ruff on

gruff on

gruff-examples on