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Smoltech video

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A small techno piece I made this week. Created with Clive, my thing for livecoding audio in the C programming language. Lots of biquad filters in this one, about half of them at subsonic frequencies as envelopes for rhythms.

Source code at

Video made with FragM, a scene with 3 spheres and varying refraction with dispersion. Not physically accurate...

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smoltech is a movement to reduce wasteful technology use. See Marloes de Valk's paper at Computing Within Limits 2021 for an overview of related terms. I find it inspiring, but I'm not yet fully immersed: for example, while the sound was computationally very light, the video in this post took some hours to render on a powerful GPU; I also maintain/extend software for fractal art, which is a computationally expensive genre.

I do hope not to buy another computer (mine are sufficient for my needs), will see how that goes: NVIDIA EOL'd support for my 10+-year-old laptop's GPU (the Free/Libre Nouveau driver was too full of bugs last time I checked), so I won't be able to upgrade beyond a certain point (maybe Buster is the last working Debian release). And I may need access to a recent Microsoft operating system for some things, which I'm not happy about at all.