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Pure-data libraries

I've been trying to hack Pd to get canvas-local (ie, per patch, with subpatches included but abstractions not included) objectclass namespaces working properly. It seems to be a tough problem. I had an IRC chat with Hans-Christoph Steiner on this topic, and afterwards I added some additional annotations. The whole thing is here:

Libraries in Pure-data: a conversation with annotations

I hope it's useful for everyone working with libraries in Pure-data, although it is rather technical / developer-centric. Brief list of topics covered:

The Big Name Clash Problem / Importing Libraries / Binaries vs Abstractions / Warnings, Errors, Strictness / Unspecified Behavior / Handling Ambiguity / Better Data Structures / Early Save Hook / Controversial Indirection / Exporting Libraries

What remains to be done is document the current behaviour from a user-centric perspective, and propose a specification for what the new behaviour should be (from the same viewpoint). Ask for feedback, and then if everybody's happy, rip out the old system and replace it with the new one.