hp2pretty-0.3 released

hp2pretty-0.3 released

hp2pretty v0.3 2010-11-02 special characters

Fixes a bug where broken SVG was generated when label names contained XML-special characters.

Source code statistics: 484 lines, 2888 words, 17261 chars.

Download hp2pretty-0.3.tar.gz, or install from Hackage:

cabal install hp2pretty

or you can get the latest development source from hp2pretty/hp2pretty on Gitorious hp2pretty on code.mathr.co.uk, where the "tests/" folder now contains this program:

module Main where

a <<< b = reverse a ++ reverse b
a &&& b = zipWith (\x y -> [x, y]) a b
foo = {-# SCC "&<>!'\"/" #-} id

main = interact main'
main' s = foo $ (s <<< concat (s &&& s)) <<< concat (s &&& s) <<< s