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hp2pretty-0.4 released

hp2pretty-0.4 released

hp2pretty v0.4 2011-05-18 comparability

Colours are stable across program runs (based on a hash of the label names).

Command line flag to use the same scale for all input files (--uniform-scale=none|time|memory|both).

Usage change: specify XX.hp file(s) on the command line, the output is to corresponding XX.svg files.

Source code statistics: 543 lines, 3273 words, 20045 chars.

Download hp2pretty-0.4.tar.gz, or install from Hackage:

cabal install hp2pretty

or you can get the latest development source from hp2pretty/hp2pretty on Gitorious hp2pretty on

Many thanks to Edward Z. Yang for his blog post anatomy of a thunk leak and the feature requests contained therein!