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Drip versions

Drip versions

drip version 1 (400MB FLAC)

drip version 2 (90MB FLAC)

a tap


landing near the inside edge
of a metal bowl suspended in mid air
which goes "ting" when a drip lands

the drips flow down into the bowl
spreading out as they go
from sharp spikes of mass (impulse train)
becoming overlapping humps (near-Gaussian)
and eventually flat

the bowl has a small hole in the middle

when enough liquid has accumulated
from the flow of the drips into the bowl
to overcome surface tension
the liquid drips through the hole

underneath the hole in the bowl
is another bowl with a hole
which goes "ting" when a drip lands
near its inside edge

this goes on for some time

each bowl larger than the last
with a deeper "ting"

the final bowl drips into a plant pot

it grows and flowers

Equations based on Dripping Faucet Dynamics Clarified by an Improved Mass-Spring Model by Ken Kiyono and Nobuko Fuchikami. Implemented in C++11 as part of dr1 on Gitorious dr1 on