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Morphogenesis colouring book

Morphogenesis colouring book

A black-and-white A5 paperback with 100 pages of Turing patterns, hand-selected from 1000s of candidate images generated by a multi-layer reaction-diffusion biochemistry system simulated on digital computer as a coupled cellular automaton.

Click the picture above for lots more information, including photos, and links to print-on-demand and source code too (a fork of my cca project).

I generated the page images as 100dpi bitmaps, then vectorized with potrace. The printed copy is really nice, smooth white paper good for colouring and a bright glossy cover. One small issue is that it's hard to get pencils right into the perfect binding, but I expected that before I had it made.

This project is what my GPU temperature throttle was for, though I'm sure it'll come in handy for other things as well.