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zoomasm 1.0 released

Yesterday I released zoomasm version 1.0 "felicitats".

It's a tool for assembling fractal zoom animation video from exponential strip keyframes with RGB and/or raw iteration data in EXR format - the colouring is controlled by an OpenGL GLSL fragment shader snippet with a few presets included (or write your own).

Source code is available for Linux (and maybe MacOS, I haven't tried), with a compiled EXE for Windows, which need 7-zip to extract (Debian package p7zip). To render output, you need an FFmpeg program binary. More complete instructions are on the website.

However, the only software I know of that can export keyframes for input to zoomasm, is the 2.15 branch of Kalle's Fraktaler 2 + which is not yet released... so getting that done is my current focus.

If you want to add support to your own fractal zoom software, get in touch and I can explain the expected conventions for the EXR keyframes (the coordinate transform, and semantics of the image channels). I need to write it up eventually for the zoomasm manual, but it won't be a high priority unless you ask.