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kf 2.15 released

I actually released kf-2.15 a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't get around to posting here about it. The highlights include OpenCL support (if you have a good GPU, this can make rendering faster, especially for hybrid formulas), hybrid formula designer (lots of options to make custom fractals), and exponential map transformation for optimizing zoom animations.

kf-2.15.1 (2020-10-28)
  • OpenCL support for perturbation iterations (requires double precision support on device: CPUs should work, some GPUs might not)
  • hybrid formula editor (design your own fractal formula)
  • exponential map coordinate transformation (useful for export to zoomasm for efficient video assembly)
  • rotation and skew transformations are rewritten to be more flexible (but old skewed/rotated KFR locations will not load correctly)
  • kf-tile.exe tool supports the new rotation and skew transformations
  • the bitrotten skew animation feature is removed
  • a few speed changes in built in formulas (one example, RedShiftRider 4 with derivatives is almost 2x faster due to using complex analytic derivatives instead of 2x2 Jacobian matrix derivatives)
  • flip imaginary part of Buffalo power 2 (to match other powers; derivative was flipped already)
  • slope implementation rewritten (appearance is different but it is now independent of zoom level and iteration count)
  • smooth (log) iteration count is offset so dwell bands match up with the phase channel

swiftly followed by

kf- (2020-10-28)
  • fix OpenCL support for NVIDIA GPUs (reported by bezo97)
  • fix crash in aligned memory (de)allocation (reported by gerrit)
  • documentation improvements (thanks to FractalAlex)

and today by

kf- (2020-11-08)
  • refactor OpenCL error handling to display errors in the GUI without exiting
  • OpenCL hybrids: fix breaking typo in neg x (reported by Microfractal)

I recorded a screencast video to show how to make fractal zoom videos with kf-2.15 and zoomasm-1.0, and there are a couple of zoom videos I made with them too:

Making fractal zoom videos with kf-2.15 and zoomasm-1.0
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