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rdex is an installation that explores in an autonomous hyperspace mathematical model, searching for interesting emergent behaviour (life-alike, alife). Currently under active development, here's a 10min video of the rdex-client in action:

  • DVD (567MB)
  • Ogg (currently unavailable)
  • MPEG4 (94MB)

Warning: contains strobing bright colour patterns, be careful if you're sensitive to that kind of thing.

The basis is reaction-diffusion chemistry, modelled using GLSL shaders that perform parallel calculations on a digital petri dish containing virtual chemicals. Four parameters control the evolution of the reaction, which gives a 4D space to explore. Some parameters will lead to uniform bland nothingness after some time, others will exhibit more interesting emergent behaviour...

Some info on rdex-server will follow at a later date, meanwhile rdex-client source code is available under AGPL3+ license, but be warned it's still under development, and might spew out binary image data on stdout, so be careful!

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