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hp2pretty-0.9 released

hp2pretty is a tool I wrote to graph Haskell heap profiling output, to help see where your program is using memory.

Install with cabal update && cabal install hp2pretty, run with hp2pretty --help (assuming cabal installed it somewhere in your PATH - otherwise try ~/.cabal/bin).

Inspired by an emailed bug report (with patch, my favourite kind, although I didn't apply it in this case due to some weird issues in Firefox) about the key being truncated when the +RTS -L option is used for long cost center names, I worked on making the key and title output more flexible. The workflow to generate a report with a detached key is via a simple text file, listing the SVG for the key label box, and the corresponding SCC name. This format is easy to parse with bash (for example), and I wrote scripts to output LaTeX for PDF and also simple HTML5. A Makefile build system glues it together. See the examples/ subfolder of cabal unpack hp2pretty.

The LaTeX output is made easier by the svg package, which handles the calls to inkscape to convert files automatically. I learnt about it and found a complete example on TeX stackexchange.

You can download the example output report.pdf or browse the example output report.html.